DROP - Detection of RNA Outliers Pipeline

DROP is intended to help researchers use RNA-Seq data in order to detect genes with aberrant expression, aberrant splicing and mono-allelic expression. It consists of three independent modules for each of those strategies. After installing DROP, the user needs to fill in the config file and sample annotation table (Preparing the Input Data). Then, DROP can be executed in multiple ways (Pipeline Commands).


DROP is available on bioconda. We recommend using a dedicated conda environment. (installation time: ~ 10min)

conda install -c conda-forge -c bioconda drop

Test installation with demo project

mkdir ~/drop_demo
cd ~/drop_demo
drop demo

The pipeline can be run using snakemake commands

snakemake --cores 1 -n # dryrun
snakemake --cores 1

Expected runtime: 25 min

For more information on different installation options, refer to Installation.